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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

DC's Disappearing New York Avenue

Just the other day I noticed that New York Avenue NE -- just before the BW Parkway begins -- is disappearing from what it used to be. There is no longer the Hess gas station nor the string of car and equipment businesses, nor the fast food joints on the south side of the street. In fact, it looks like they've all been abandoned and some sort of development is going to occur.  The properties are abandoned and fenced in, as if someone has been quietly buying the land for some purpose.  I wish I had photographed this sstreet section when these businesses were still alive and bustling but somehow I missed that moment and only have these.  It's not that these are amazing and wonderful looking buildings but it seems like the pace of development in DC is so fast that before I know it a streetscape has completely changed very quickly. So, before it's gone, I decided I'd better take a few photos or I might regret it like I regret not having photographed a couple of other unique sites and buildings within a mile or two of where I live.  Before I almost realize it, a bunch of buildings are torn down and some giant newscale building goes in. I know this is how cities grow and presumably improve, but I get used to what I've seen and feel I must mark the change somehow even if it's only in this blog.


  1. the section near bladensburg is becoming a walmart.

  2. I heard that too. I saw the plows and bull dozers tearing down the hill that used to be covered with small trees and shrubs.

  3. That's quick, it was only in Summer 2009 that we were on holiday in DC and I definitely remember stopping at that Hess Petrol Station for a fill up...can't believe what sort of wheeler-dealing must be going on with the local planning politicos..all this far-too-quick urban change just feeds into unstable neighbourhoods, not a good thing.

  4. they've been planning a Walmart or some other big development in the area for years.... unfortunately the process is not very transparent, seems to depend greatly on politicians, and generally there seems to be a bad attitude to community involvement, like we're the enemy.