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Friday, March 4, 2011

It's Easy to Miss Seeing the Homeless in DC

You might think s/he's a rock or something.
The grey lump on the fourth bench, in front of the statue.
Blanket folded at bus shelter
Still sleeping as commuters pass by
It's easy to miss seeing the people who live on the street and without homes, huddled in plain sight around us in D.C. But I tend to gaze out the window somewhat mindlessly as I travel to work on the bus and then I see them in the parks, in the church gardens, and in the bus stops and alleys, grey blanketed, avoiding the eyes of others and passing by in wrinkled clothes. They all seem to have these large thick grey felted blankets to keep themselves sheltered and warm and these blankets are so common I almost think they must be issued by the City or something. And, according to the National Alliance on Homelessness, there are/were more than 6,600 people (2009 statistics) who are homeless in Washington, DC. And according to another group, the National Coalition for the Homeless, they say that in most cases, homelessness is a temporary circumstance and not a permanent condition. They say a more appropriate measure is the number of people who experience homelessness over time, not the number of "homeless people" and that there are many causes of homelessless.  The one person I ever talked to about homelessness said that alcoholism and addiction were at the root of family homelessness as the addict steals and sucks out the family resources.  The one older woman I knew who was homeless lacked English language skills and the ability to make "good" decisions. I think the least we can do is see and acknowledge these people who are all around us, living "freely" on the streets, in alleys, on benches, and other hideaways.

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  1. will there always be homeless people? and have there always been homeless people?