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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Amazing Statuary

Winged Victory
King Kamehana
As part of my job every once in a while I attend events in the Capitol Visitor Center up on Capitol Hill at the U.S. Congress. Today I arrived at the meeting a little early and took a few minutes to wander around in Statuary Hall where there are many (mostly) larger-than-life sized statues of famous people.  Each state has at least two statues but only a certain number are displayed at a time. I assume they are all on wheels hidden underneath their platforms and are carted in on some schedule. Today I saw the last King of Hawaii, Sacawajea, Helen Keller, Mother Joseph of Providence and a marvelous plaster model of Winged Victory, which is the cast iron figure on the top of the U.S. Capitol Building that weighs twenty tons or whatever. There were other statues that I could have photographed but I had to get to my meeting. I walked away knowing I'd seen some unique items that show the amazing and miraculous history of the U.S.
Helen Keller as child
Mother Joseph of Providence


  1. the gold covered one is interesting. is it real gold?