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Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Freedom Tower for September 11

View from Hudson River of  new Tower under construction
I was in NYC recently and we took a short cruise on the Hudson River to see the city. There was a Tour Guide on the boat who provided interesting details about what we could see onshore. I was surprised to learn from him that at the site of the World Trade Center Twin Towers a new tower was being built so I snapped this photo of the building under construction. The guide referred to it as the "new Freedom Tower."  I forget exactly what the tour guide said but one of the new towers would be 1776 feet higher which is either one foot taller or one floor more than the original Twin Towers.  I haven't looked this up so if someone reading this knows, please comment below. I think it's significant that this week there's a media frenzy about the mosque and Quran burning but surely the real story is the resurrection of a new huge tall building and its surrounding area, an incredible marvelous feat of engineering. This is evidence of growth and change that is taking place right before our eyes and that may be blinded by media perception wars. Truly, it is amazing that a new building is going up at this site and will be as high or higher than what was there before. It would be with trepidation that I would go up in it;  the tallest glass building I have been in is the (new) John Hancock tower in Boston, MA. That's made of the shiny blue glass and there are floor to ceiling windows in the offices from which you can see all the way out over Boston Harbor. So, if I have the courage, when this new World Trade Center tower is finished, I might go up in it. I bet the view will be fantastic!   I found an animation of what the World Trade Center zone will look like built up in the future. The "butterfly" building is going to be very curious and I look forward to the museum and all the other features they are planning. There is nothing really like this in Washington, D.C., and that's what makes New York so unique.

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