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Friday, January 18, 2013

Old Washington Tree Cut Down But Stump Remains

stump of large pin oak tree recently cut with sawdust lying about
There used to be a tree at the top of Adams Street on North Capitol Street NW at the #80 bus stop. I know this tree was pretty old, probably about 85 years. I'm just guessing that it was put in the ground when the nearby houses were built, likely between 1895 and 1920.  But due to damage and disease what was once 20 foot high has been cut down and a huge almost triple trunk sized stump is left. In a previous blog I  

Little mushrooms growing in bole
wrote about the amount of rot and fungus that was starting to erode the tree after some car crashed into it.  I've always liked this tree as it provided so much shelter at the bus stop, whether from the scorching sun in the summer where it gave a lot of shade, or if it was raining, it was a huge umbrella, or if just a cold wind blasting, you could huddle on one side and not get too blown.  I expect they will ground out the stump in the spring and then plant some skinny skimpy pin oak, but I do miss this old familiar thing.


  1. That's a shame. Its always the biggest, most beneficial grand trees that have to get cut down by the town.

    -Samudaworth Tree Service

  2. I think they thought it was dying due to the big dent in the side due to the car crash into it several years ago. It didn't look dead but maybe some expert said it was...