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I used to blog here mostly using local photos about my neighborhood or Washington DC or other places I visited. But I took a break from the blog for a few months and then found myself posting about crafts and sewing projects I have done or are doing. More recently, my spare time is taken up with selling collectibles and things on Ebay as a seller called Mugsim7. Having a lot of fun with it so far! May your days be blessed with miracles, surprises and creativity too!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Vintage Corner Stores in #BloomingdaleDC Neighborhood

New Reservoir Market
Cookies Corner Market
Micro Market
Flagler Market
These are the local stores near me that seem to be open all the time and are probably in walking distance of most people in the area. There were at least two others I can think of, but they've not survived. These stores are for just when you need a cold beer, or some milk or have a craving for potato chips, or you just gotta buy a lottery ticket or need a packet of cigarettes or some ice or that one little thing you need to complete making a dish for dinner or breakfast. I've bought mayonnaise, potatoes, syrup, eggs, pancake mix, candy, ice cream, wine and incense in these stores. Most of them have ATMs as well, but I've never used one. These days they have been smartened up a bit: they've nearly all had some paint or other "freshening up" in the past few years presumably to compete with the trendier stores in the neighborhood. They share the characteristic of being the front room of a house, most of them have tin stamped ceilings, collections of beer lights and some of the securest windows and doors you can find.  Since I've lived here for over 20 years I've heard stories about all of these corner stores -- people shot inside, people shot outside, people dealing drugs, people fighting, etc They are part of the history and character of Bloomingdale so  I decided to photograph them recently for fear they'd all be swept away one day as the specter of development and its impact grows.

Sunbeam Market

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