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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Flowers and Unleashed Dogs in #BloomingdaleDC Park

Crispus Attucks daffodils
Flowering trees
Unleashed dogs with scofflaw owners
On a recent walk in the local Crispus Attucks park I saw the very welcome signs of spring like flowering trees, tons of daffodils out, and some crocuses and hyacinths. I also saw someone working on the plants, cleaning out the winter debris. I also chucked out a bottle of vodka (empty!) found in the flowers.  Some local people -- scofflaws -- seem to forget that this park is NOT a dog park and were letting their dogs freely roam UNLEASHED having a great time tearing about in the "dog" portion of the park.  I guess some local residents think we all like dogs and dog poop or maybe they can't read the signs all over the park which advise users of the local rules.    

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  1. someone did reply to me on twitter to @jeniferjs commenting about how most people pick up their dogs' poop... Mind you, I rememember when a bigger concern in the 'hood was needles and empty crack baggies...