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Monday, January 9, 2012

We Want Our Park Back! Obamaville Has Gotta Go!

Trash bins at OccupyDC site
Rat hole at OccupyDC Site
It's not clear why this is misspelt
I don't know why the mainstream media makes so much of the squatters who call themselves OccupyDC as if they are heroes fighting for liberty or something. I just don't get a clear sense of what they are for, or what they are against.  I wandered past their tent village at McPherson Square a couple of times and snapped a few photos to try and get a sense of what they are about.  They were either all absent or maybe sleeping. It was about noon time and a few came out of tents scratching their heads and looking like they were just waking up.  During my meander, at least two people on the street nearby talked to me about how the tent people have ruined the grass and plantings in this park. McPherson Square was re-lawned and repaired last year for about $300K of "stimulus" money (which means we still owe the money!).  Today, of course, there's no grass due to the tents. And it looks like some of the plants have disappeared. It's clear the rats are having a feast of it. I saw at least one large rat skipping along merrily among the tents and then dive into his rat-hole when I got nearer. He'd bypassed the rat trap quite effectively on his way back from the the food tent.  I heard some news yesterday via another blog that the food tent had been closed down due to the rat problem.  Apparently, there's some legal case going on with the squatters and the National Park Service who has jurisdiction over the square and on January 17 there could be legal action taken by the feds in regard to the "camping" going on. INMHO, it's time to shut this Obamaville down.Enhanced by Zemanta

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