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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

One of the Big Friezes in Washington DC

Typical doorway at National Building Museum
The frieze traverses the entire building.
I nearly always have to stop and stare at the National Building Museum every time I go by there as it is just so ornate.  Each doorway is decorated with interesting red brick work, roman arch, reclining figures and mythic-looking heads. Then there's the big frieze that goes around the entire building -- which is the size of a city block. I'm sure there's whole books written about the civil war figures and carts and munitions depicted but suffice to say, the detail is staggeringly visible even if you do have to crane your neck to look up at it.  I've been to half a dozen events inside the building from annual dinners, to a college graduation to a political ball.  And the inside is just as interesting and wonderful.  Apparently, it was built first as the Pension Building where civil servants sat row upon row processing pensions for civil war and other veterans.  I seem to recall a great exhibit about this in one room on the second floor and which includes photos of the construction as it occurred.  This building is truly a marvelous feat and something not to miss seeing if you happen to be near Judiciary Square or have the time to walk up from the Nauseum, whoops, I meant Newseum.


  1. Great blog,just loved this blah blah about a building that everyone just "walks on by" as it were, and obviously you researched it a bit to find out it function and so on. What I don't get is how do you get pics uploaded off your cell phone digital camera? I'm having trouble doing that so despite having taken snaps of all sorts of things with my handy little mobile phone, can't seem to send 'em anywhere! Please email me the type of cellphone you have and what the actual technical interface is for uploading pics, do you upload them to this blog, or first have them saved to your pc, then you upload to this blogsite, just curious but you know me as the Other RagnBoneLady!!

    1. I take pics on my non smart cell phone and send them to my email account using the text message feature. When I open my email with the photo received, I save it on my laptop. The blog template allows me to select fotos from my laptop (or other source, e.g., an SD card or from another website) but I use my own photos. Sometimes I take fotos on my digital camera and insert the SD card from that into my laptop and just copy them directly to my laptop for later blogging... Does this help? (sorry I only just saw your comment!)