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Friday, September 4, 2015

My Trusty Powerless Kitchen Tools

serrated knife
carpet sweeper
meat thermometer
can opener
Since I've already blogged about my Trusty Kitchen Appliances, that is, the stuff that works with electricity that I use all the time in preparing food and cooking, I decided to look at all the kitchen tools I rely on to get things done, that is, the tools that don't need electricity. So here's the list: a serrated knife, oven thermometer, a funnel, a carpet sweeper, a garlic press, a measuring jug, a gravy separator, a small sieve, can opener, spatula and spoon, roast potato nail, and timer. I expect there's a few other things but these are used the most and seem to me to be the most useful non-electricity-using items that I use over and over again.
What got me thinking about these items was our visit to a museum last year where they showed a lot of items that were used in homes and yards a hundred years ago. What was startling was that in several cases, they simply didn't know what the device was for or how it was used.  I'm sure everyone knows how everything in this blog works, but what about a hundred years from now? Will there still be manual can openers? Hand pushed carpet sweepers? Will anyone still use potato nails or garlic presses? And surely spoons, spatulas and sieves will still be in use?  Or will it be the case that in about 20 years from now I will look at these items and say, "Gor blimey, what did I use that thing for?" Or "whatever happened to that gravy separator?"

potato nail
garlic press

gravy separator


Pyrex measuring jug

spoon and spatula


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