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Monday, June 20, 2011

I can Hear the Music on Your Headphones on Metro Bus

Very loud music playing on these earphones
Surely you are damaging your ears if I can hear the music you are playing and listening to on headphones on the bus.  This young man was sitting right in front of me on the bus the other morning and I could almost every word sung, the crashing beat of the music and all the "noise" that he was listening too.  I'm pretty sure the rest of the bus could hear it too but nobody said anything.  Once I did say something to one person who was playing very raucous rude rap that had horrible curse words in it and I leaned over and asked him "would you turn the music down as i can hear all the way from where I am sitting?"  And he did turn it down. He had been sitting about three seats away from me on the bus and yet I could hear it.  I'm sure these people are damaging their ears when they do this.  At a minimum, they are missing out on the sounds about them and could miss warnings or alerts, but I'm not so worried about that. As a morning person who doesn't like loud sounds -- like alarm clocks and phones and beeping things -- I just don't want to have to hear crashing loud music on the bus in the morning!

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